Lending Hands: The new mortgage broker, making a difference.

Graphic Design
Website Development

Lending Hands approached us last year to assist in building a new website. When we told Sion about all the services we could provide, we quickly became in charge of branding, graphic design, web development and more. We have loved seeing Lending Hands lift off and have their first year of operation and see the real difference they're making for their clients and people in need.

About the Client.

Lending Hands Mortgage Brokers is a mortgage broking business with a difference. Not only do they manage their client's home loan to ensure they start with a great rate and continue to have a competitive rates for the life of the loan, they provide 25% of their revenue from upfront commissions to their client's choice of three non-profit organisations who are lending a hand to people in need.

We are stoked to be able to see Lending Hands kick off well and use their business to transform other people's lives.

New business, new name, new branding.

Lending Hands Mortgage Brokers approaches up to assist them in coming up with the branding of their new business. We worked with the client to provided us with some inspiration and examples of designes they liked to help us make a brand they'd love. We developed a brand that was approachable, would grab attention and was timeless.
Along the way we provided some insight into the importance of design and colour.

The client was presented with their new logo and branding kit and loved the final results!

Making an online presence.

Lending Hands Mortgage Brokers also required a website to be built. We used the Webflow platform to have a strong CMS backend to assist with easy contact updates.
The website didn't need to be very big as the business launched, just enough to work with their social media to build an online presence and assist their clients in getting in touch.

One of the elements on the website that we are stoked about is the 'Impact Calculator'. The client requested a calculator that would calculate the users donation amount based on their loan amount and choice of charity. Not only does it work well, it looks great on the website.

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